Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Self-Love: Come Alive In The Buff

Self-Love: Come Alive In The Buff

By Jordan K. Winn

Hello ladies!

It’s that time of year, February, Valentine’s Day, and all things LOVE! I’ve been seeing all these cute pins (of course, pinterest junkie) of boudoir photoshoots – from bridal, to pin-up, to costume, to whatever theme tickles your fancy. I’ve done one. JordanK. Winn & Co. partners with Capitol Bombshell Studios. Luigi is the! This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him, but more importantly for YOU!

In my first ever sexy photo shoot that wasn’t done by a friend – I was beyond nervous going into it. How could I not!? Luigi was so awesome. He and his wife made me feel so comfortable and styled me to a T. Sure it’s a good gift when you can give the pocket book, or leather books to your guy. But this is about self-love hunny bunny! This was the biggest ego boost you could give yourself. It was worth every penny. Not only do I plan on doing another one, I have encouraged many of my friends to do their own. You can bring something specific if you just have a little teddy you’re dying to get some use out of, but no matter where you go, there should be the use of a complete wardrobe. Bring your boyfriend’s favorite Orioles or Redskins gear, specific jewelry, whatever you feel comfortable and sexy in.

Loving yourself sometimes means stepping out of your own comfort zone to discover yourself… really discover yourself. No one can love you like you, darling!


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