Sunday, January 26, 2014

This Girl Can Fly!

TESTIMONIAL:  This Girl Can Fly!

Capitol Bombshell, Boudoir & Pin-up Photographers. Washington, DC

Dare, Embrace, Unleash is not just a Capitol Bombshell motto, but what I incorporate in my day to day life since becoming a Capitol Bombshell Glammie.  In 2005 my life changed overnight when I woke with bone crushing fatigue, red, swollen joints, and in excruciating pain only to be finally be diagnosed with severe psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.  I eventually had to quit working, go through multiple surgeries, needed assistance with my son and generally lost my way in life.

When I learned about Capitol Bombshell – Boudoir &Pinup Photographers, I was blown away and felt excited and just knew I HAD to be a part of this.  After I was signed up I was elated, but also a bit terrified as inspired by the photos on the website and Facebook, but then I looked in the mirror.  I am a single mom, managing my illness, and having some lumps where I wish not, definitely not a size 2, what am I doing????

Come dare, embrace and unleash with Capitol Bombshell
From the moment I met Luigi and his team of hair and make-up professionals and the other women attending the marathon that day, any worry or self-doubt I had begun to fade away.  My transformation began and I cannot describe the fun of sitting through hair and make-up, you truly are made to feel as though you are a star.  Picking out my outfits and props…the quality and quantity of vintage props, gloves, hats, etc. just make the photo shoot so professional and fun. Pinup is about making curves!  My inner bombshell was unleashed and not just because I was smoking hot, but my bombshell soul was feed.

For the first time in over 7 years, I understood and truly felt that I WAS beautiful, worthy, radiant, intelligent, sexy and not defined by my illness, but most of all I felt hope.  There was a part of me that felt like I did prior to me getting sick and instead of me retreating from life as I had, I knew I could dare, embrace and unleash and be ok. 

Capitol Bombshell unleashed a monster. :) I am present in life every day and I it is a matter of pacing myself, but without Capitol Bombshell I would still be stuck.  My son is so happy and tells me every day how happy he is to have his new mom back.  I am involved in charity work with psoriatic arthritis.  I have my photos displayed all throughout my house, in my car, in my wallet and they are in my heart where I dared, embraced and unleashed.  Thank you Capitol Bombshell.

-Debbie Edwards, 
Winchester, VA.

For the first time in over 7 years, I understood and truly felt that I WAS beautiful
I was blown away and felt excited and just knew I HAD to be a part of this.

Visit Capitol Bombshell, the National Capital area's all-inclusive boudoir and pin-up photo studio. We specialize in fun-tease boudoir, retro pin-up and dazzling old-glam portraiture photography in the Washington, DC-metro area. Dare. Embrace. Unleash.

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