Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dial M for Marriage...

Two lovers, held up by Cupid's flaming gun of passion. Watch as a dark and handsome detective and sultry newspaper girl abandon their hectic and lonely solitary lives for a power-couple partnership of hedonism and romance! Congratulations on your engagement C&M.

We specialize in fun-tease boudoir, retro pin-up and daring burlesque photography in the Washington, DC-metro area. Let us capture your inner-Goddess.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Trashing My Dress

I chose to trash my dress because I eat, live and breathe art. I have painted since I was a small child and wanted to express myself through the art of photography. It was a joyful experience I got to share with one of my best friends and his family.  I felt so beautiful, like I WAS a painting. It is very representational of me and also my relationship with my husband [Chris].  This quote describes Chris and I both and the trashing of the dress perfectly,  "I am an artist,  I am here to  live out loud." 

-Jennifer Butt

Friday, October 17, 2014

That's what an Inspired Housewife said...

Capitol Bombshell Boudoir and Pinup Photographers

Capitol Bombshell Boudoir and Pinup Photographers
Life is too serious and sometimes we need to take the time and have some fun. Back in May I had the privilege to work with and be photographed by none other than renownedCapitol Bombshell – Boudoir & Pinup Photographers , Luigi Crespo.

Capitol Bombshell Boudoir and Pinup Photographers

Not Your Ordinary Inspired Housewife

I have always been in love with this era of fashion and decided to have a little fun with my blog Inspired-Housewife by spoofing myself as a 50’s housewife. I was not sure what to expect as I have never really modeled in my life or had professional photos taken of me except for family ones.
Capitol Bombshell Boudoir and Pinup Photographers
Luigi and his wife, along with his makeup artist, were fabulous. The hair, make up, and props used, made my photos resonate with the era. Each pose was explained to me in detail, and Luigi was very professional. Luigi tends to do more vintage-inspired boudoir photography, but was willing to work with me and loved some of my ideas (hence, the photo of me holding an eight pound 50’s vintage weight I purchased from eBay and spray painted to match my oh-so-amazing pink dress!
Capitol Bombshell Boudoir and Pinup Photographers
He truly has every prop you could imagine and of course what kind of housewife would I be if I had not vacuumed while being photographed?  All housewives walk around looking this FABULOUS!  :)
Capitol Bombshell Boudoir and Pinup Photographers
My experience with Capitol Bombshell Boudoir and Pinup Photographers was pretty amazing.  Luigi and his crew  were a blast to work with and communicated promptly. If you live near the DC – Frederick -Baltimore area, I highly recommend Luigi and his staff. I was so happy with the outcome that I plan to go back and have a more saucy shoot done for my hubby.
If you would like to know more about Luigi you can also follow him via these social media outlets.

Capitol Bombshell Boudoir and Pinup Photographers
I loved this shot because being an All American Girl I take pride in wearing the colors.  I salute all those who serve and are serving our great country!
Capitol Bombshell Boudoir and Pinup Photographers
Okay so maybe we got a little saucy, but nothing our kiddos could not see over our shoulder and again super fun shoot.  I honestly did not want it to end.
Capitol Bombshell Boudoir and Pinup Photographers
Capitol Bombshell Boudoir and Pinup Photographers
Capitol Bombshell can do anything you want if you talk with Luigi and work with him.
Capitol Bombshell Boudoir and Pinup Photographers
Disclaimer:  All opinions are my own, I did pay for my own photo shoot and photos, but as a courtesy for making this page I was given some web ready content for  Now let’s have fun and go shoot ourselves up!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Pinup Secrets Course with Capitol Bombshell in DC - Sunday March 30, 2014

Pinup Secrets Course with Capitol Bombshell in DC - Sunday March 30, 2014

Capitol Bombshell Photography and Ludella Hahn are teaming up to offer aspiring models and glamour goddesses alike TWO course options in the Washington DC area on Sunday March 30th. Learn the secrets of being a pinup model (or just looking like one) firsthand from international pinup cover model Ludella Hahn.

THE CLASS (1pm-3pm) $75 : This portion will cover theory only. Ludella will share her pinup beauty secrets with a live tutorial of hair and makeup application demonstrated by Ludella on herself.

FULL COURSE (1pm-7pm) $225 : This option includes the class, but once the class is finished you will have the opportunity to try what you've learned for yourself with firsthand assistance from Ludella and the Capitol Bombshell team. Ludella will also cover posing, expressions, wardrobe, and the business of being a pinup model in this course. After your makeover, it will be time to get dressed up and show off your skills in a photoshoot with Capitol Bombshell. Ludella will be there to help you with posing and expressions. You will also get a copy of the dvd as a refresher for use at home.

To read more about the course options and to reserve your spot, click the "Book Now" button below to be redirected to the course booking page. Feel free to use the email link at the top of this page if you have any questions regarding the course offerings.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Self-Love: Come Alive In The Buff

Self-Love: Come Alive In The Buff

By Jordan K. Winn

Hello ladies!

It’s that time of year, February, Valentine’s Day, and all things LOVE! I’ve been seeing all these cute pins (of course, pinterest junkie) of boudoir photoshoots – from bridal, to pin-up, to costume, to whatever theme tickles your fancy. I’ve done one. JordanK. Winn & Co. partners with Capitol Bombshell Studios. Luigi is the! This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him, but more importantly for YOU!

In my first ever sexy photo shoot that wasn’t done by a friend – I was beyond nervous going into it. How could I not!? Luigi was so awesome. He and his wife made me feel so comfortable and styled me to a T. Sure it’s a good gift when you can give the pocket book, or leather books to your guy. But this is about self-love hunny bunny! This was the biggest ego boost you could give yourself. It was worth every penny. Not only do I plan on doing another one, I have encouraged many of my friends to do their own. You can bring something specific if you just have a little teddy you’re dying to get some use out of, but no matter where you go, there should be the use of a complete wardrobe. Bring your boyfriend’s favorite Orioles or Redskins gear, specific jewelry, whatever you feel comfortable and sexy in.

Loving yourself sometimes means stepping out of your own comfort zone to discover yourself… really discover yourself. No one can love you like you, darling!


Sunday, January 26, 2014

This Girl Can Fly!

TESTIMONIAL:  This Girl Can Fly!

Capitol Bombshell, Boudoir & Pin-up Photographers. Washington, DC

Dare, Embrace, Unleash is not just a Capitol Bombshell motto, but what I incorporate in my day to day life since becoming a Capitol Bombshell Glammie.  In 2005 my life changed overnight when I woke with bone crushing fatigue, red, swollen joints, and in excruciating pain only to be finally be diagnosed with severe psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.  I eventually had to quit working, go through multiple surgeries, needed assistance with my son and generally lost my way in life.

When I learned about Capitol Bombshell – Boudoir &Pinup Photographers, I was blown away and felt excited and just knew I HAD to be a part of this.  After I was signed up I was elated, but also a bit terrified as inspired by the photos on the website and Facebook, but then I looked in the mirror.  I am a single mom, managing my illness, and having some lumps where I wish not, definitely not a size 2, what am I doing????

Come dare, embrace and unleash with Capitol Bombshell
From the moment I met Luigi and his team of hair and make-up professionals and the other women attending the marathon that day, any worry or self-doubt I had begun to fade away.  My transformation began and I cannot describe the fun of sitting through hair and make-up, you truly are made to feel as though you are a star.  Picking out my outfits and props…the quality and quantity of vintage props, gloves, hats, etc. just make the photo shoot so professional and fun. Pinup is about making curves!  My inner bombshell was unleashed and not just because I was smoking hot, but my bombshell soul was feed.

For the first time in over 7 years, I understood and truly felt that I WAS beautiful, worthy, radiant, intelligent, sexy and not defined by my illness, but most of all I felt hope.  There was a part of me that felt like I did prior to me getting sick and instead of me retreating from life as I had, I knew I could dare, embrace and unleash and be ok. 

Capitol Bombshell unleashed a monster. :) I am present in life every day and I it is a matter of pacing myself, but without Capitol Bombshell I would still be stuck.  My son is so happy and tells me every day how happy he is to have his new mom back.  I am involved in charity work with psoriatic arthritis.  I have my photos displayed all throughout my house, in my car, in my wallet and they are in my heart where I dared, embraced and unleashed.  Thank you Capitol Bombshell.

-Debbie Edwards, 
Winchester, VA.

For the first time in over 7 years, I understood and truly felt that I WAS beautiful
I was blown away and felt excited and just knew I HAD to be a part of this.

Visit Capitol Bombshell, the National Capital area's all-inclusive boudoir and pin-up photo studio. We specialize in fun-tease boudoir, retro pin-up and dazzling old-glam portraiture photography in the Washington, DC-metro area. Dare. Embrace. Unleash.