Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bombshell Bachelorettes!

Bombshell Bachelorettes! by Terra Williams of Jordan K. Winn & Co.

Jordan K Winn & Co. had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the inaugural Bombshell Bachelorette party that Capitol Bombshell is now offering.

Sandy with her amazing chair and Glamcor light working on lips!

Sandy and I, Terra,  spent the evening creating amazing pin-up and retro looks for a group of fun-loving, kind-hearted, and gorgeous women.  It was an incredible experience for both of us to help this wonderful group of friends transform into full on pin-up models.  As we completed each victory roll, winged liner, and red lip, the confidence the women exuded sky rocketed!

Capitol Bombshell opened their vast wardrobe and shoe collection to the party and the girls were able to try on and dress up in which ever era they chose.

During the course of the evening we had the pleasure of creating looks inspired by cat woman, the pink ladies, the iconic Marilyn Monroe, and many more.

This first Bachelorette Bombshell party was such an extraordinary event that we can’t wait to meet the next group of women who will let us be a part of their special evening!

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